Caleb Colley

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Caleb Colley preached at North National on the 29th of April. Caleb Colley is a faithful member of the Church of Christ. He graduated from Freed- Hardemen University and received a B.A. in communication and a B.S. in Bible. He now lives in Montgomery, Alabama and works for Apologetics Press as their production administrator.

Hardeman University and received a B.A. in communication and a B.S. in Bible. He now lives in Montgomery, Alabama and works for Apologetics Press as their production administrator.

Why are you a Christian?

So I can go to heaven. I really believe and I think this is practically and philosophically defensible that Christianity is the best life to live. People, for centuries, have been trying to figure out how a human being can fulfill his full potential, what is a human being supposed to be? I think Jesus is the ultimate example of how a human being should live. For example, we ask; what should a good dog be like? The best type of dog is the one that can do A, B, C and D. Well, what about humans? What is the best kind of a human being supposed to be like? What would he be like? What would he say? That is where Jesus comes in. There is no philosopher or scientist that can be honest with himself and say Jesus was not the ideal man. I want to follow the example of Jesus because that is the only way I can live the most fulfilled life on earth.

Why did you decide to work for Apologetics Press?

Well, I had followed AP during my younger life. When I heard Dr. Thompson speak I thought those were some of the best sermons that I ever heard. I just had every good impression of Apologetics Press. As I grew up I knew if I ever had a question about origins, the Flood or a tough scientific topic I could always go to the AP web-site and look at it more. I knew that the information was there and I considered that to be the hard evidence of Christianity. It was comforting to know that not all the real smart people were evolutionists. I could be an intern in the summer of 2004, which was the summer after my sophomore year in college. While I was an intern I wrote and spoke on many occasions. So when I got ready to get a job after college, I went to work at AP. They needed someone to produce their children's television show (Digger Doug TV show) and I have some broadcasting background from Freed-Hardeman. So I write kids songs and the script. I wrote the theme song. I was still at Freed-Hardeman and Kyle and Eric would E-Mail me the script. I would read it and give them my thoughts before they went in and filmed the show. Now that I work at AP, I write the script and I choreograph the show, but I’m not in the show.

How can a Christian convert a secular humanist?

Well, you have to convince the person that there is validity in the Bible. That would be the first step. They have to accept that there is something bigger than just themselves. If you can get them to believe that God created the universe, then that would be a huge step. I’ve never converted someone that claimed to be a secular humanist. However there are many secular humanist ideas in the hearts of all sinners and the public schools.

What fruits would secular humanism produce?

A devaluing of human life, which is ironic because it’s called humanism, and saying man is the measure of all things. For example, if the majority of humans decide to kill off a certain people group then secular humanism would be fine with it.

Statism comes along with secular humanism and that is the idea that the government should determine everything we do, especially if you have a democracy. Democracies tend to become tyrannical because if the majority decide something, according to secular humanism, it must be the right thing. What secular humanists want to do is restructure all religions into one religion. The supreme court has called secular humanism a religion. The Humanist Manifesto says religions have been helpful for some time in the past but religions are outdated, so we need to restructure all religions into secular humanism. That is their goal.

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