Tim Buckner

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Tim Bucker is 40 years old and grew up in the east side of Missouri. He joined the military in February of 1987, married Alice Milligan in 1990 and entered the Church in 1991. Mr. Tim has two kids; Alyssa and Kyle. Mr. Buckner works full-time for the Government in Civil Service and is in the Army Reserves. In the Army Reserves he works as a mechanic, fixing tanks, truck and other vehicles.

What do you think of the United States?

The United States is home. The United States is where we all live at and to other countries we are foreigners. We live in the United States and that is what we are defending so we can have freedom.

What is patriotism to you?

Patriotism to me means looking up to the flag and freedom. That is what it means to me.

What are your thoughts while overseas?

My thought are that I want to be home, I want to be with my family, I want to know that they are safe and I want to make sure they will have the freedom to grow up and do what they want. I just pray and pray. I couldn’t wait to see my immediate and Christian family.

Has being a Christian helped you while overseas?

It has, you see a lot of things in the army. A lot of people don’t really think about God, they don’t support Christians, they don’t think about they life we are going to have after death. If I feel like I need to pray about something I’ll just start praying. I also know that back in the States that there are people praying for me. When I came back and all those people were there, you have no idea what that felt like. My wife Alice told me there would be a few people there but I never imagined there would be 107 people. When I got off that plane and saw that many people there I said “Holy Cow! Look how many people I do have that prayed for me.” What would you do if you got off and airplane and there were 107 people waiting to see Daniel? You would almost shed a tear because you would be so happy that there were people that cared for you. When I saw those people there they either liked me or they were praying for me, for my safe return.

What do you think of the people that support the military?

That says allot for people to thank you for serving in the military and keeping the freedom that we have in the US here. If some one come up to you and says, “Thank you for serving.” That means a lot. People just don’t understand what that means.

What do you think of the people that are against the military?

They really don’t care about freedom. If we didn’t have a military we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have now. We would have a lot of laws and regulations like other foreign countries. People think the US is a bully. “We go into countries and try to change them.” But we are not, we are just showing them what freedoms we have and that they can have that type of freedom also.

What is your view on the US and the Middle East especially Iraq?

It is a no win situation. We still have problems. Everywhere there can be problems, we can’t go into every country and “fix” them. We should go in show them how to set it up we show them how to run it and then we back off and let them take care of it.

What do you think of the Governments that support terrorist operations?

People that are doing suicide bombings, they are so warped. They have been controlled, they have been told what to do what to do, that they don’t care; they just want to do whatever it takes to blow people up.