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Bekah: Why did you start The Creation Chronicle?

Danny T: It really sounded fun to do something like that. I love apologetics and I like studying Greek so I combined it into a newsletter that has a partially Greek title and defends the word of God.

Bekah: Is the way The Creation Chronicle going what you had in mind?

Danny T: Better, actually, much better. The interviewees have been great. I really enjoy doing The Creation Chronicle interviews, and I like to read everybody else’s articles they submit.

Bekah: What time frame do you work on to get The Creation Chronicle done?

Danny T: First I usually have to get my interview done. After that, I kind of take a break and then start doing the layout. I put the text frames where they go. I do the heading and get all the dates right. Then I get all the fonts ready, and get different pictures. Once all the articles come in I put them in the text frames. I print the rough draft so my mom can review it and check any misspellings I didn’t catch, which are a lot, and then anything else, like sometimes the pictures will be out of whack, or the columns won’t be nicely spaced, so she points them out and I go and fix them.

Bekah: Okay, why do you like to homeschool?

Danny T: I love homeschooling because it gives me the freedom to do the different classes I want and I really don’t have to go in a certain order. The day really goes rather smoothly. I can go do my volunteer work, and come home and do the rest of my class work. There really isn’t a schedule to it. We end up taking a lot of days off, and then doing a lot of class work on certain days, and it ends up balancing out the entire year. I quite enjoy that. We also get to take field trips with our friends, like the Meinsens, Penners, and all the other homeschoolers. It is nice.

Bekah: What are your favorite subjects?

Danny: Algebra. Algebra is my favorite. I love the organizing. And then the other would be computer graphics. That’s fun.

Bekah: What do you like to do in your free time?

Danny: I like to read a lot of books, play Axis and Allies, and do more reading.

Bekah: Do you think you would like to work with a creation organization like Apologetics Press?

Danny: I would like to, but I really don’t think that will be my area of expertise. Especially since Algebra really doesn’t go with Apologetics. So, I might want to be more of an engineer or something like that.

Bekah: How long are you hoping to keep the Creation Chronicle going?

Danny: Forever. As long as there are kids at North National; responsible kids who can edit it, and other kids who can write articles for it.

Bekah: How old were you when you became a Christian?

Danny: I think I was 12.

Daniel M.: How do you serve at church and what do you do to help God’s ministry?

Danny: Anything the elders ask me to do. Sometimes they ask me to lead a devotional or lead prayers. One time I did the prayer at the communion. I also serve during communion. I also do the Creation Chronicle.

Daniel M.: What do you and your family do to help Know Your Bible?

Danny: Well, whenever we come in we check all the supplies. We make sure there are enough envelopes for the whole week. If there aren’t, we go to the boxes and start stamping [envelopes]. We put the stamps in place and then we stuff the envelopes with the other envelopes that have the return address. Sometimes, we do the tracts. We organize them, so if a student has questions, the grader can just grab a tract and send it [with their lesson]. Then we put all the envelopes in their special bins, and that’s about it.

Daniel M.: You, Aaron, and your mom all grade, right?

Danny: Yes, we grade. I’ve graded for a little over a year.

Daniel M.: How many students do you have?

Danny: Around 16.

Bekah: How do you live with Aaron and Isaac as your brothers?

Danny: That is a tough one. I just pray every day for strength and guidance. It evidently helps.

Daniel M.: Do you still have ties with Mexico?

Danny: Yes, we have family down in Santa Cruz Chignahuapan. It’s near Toluca, Mexico, and it’s fun going down there because we usually go when school’s out. So, we see all of our cousins. We have hundreds of cousins. The whole town is family. We eat marshmallows and play soccer all day. It’s fun.

Daniel M.: What did you do on your Texas vacation?

Danny: We went to the downtown Houston aquarium and to our cousin’s wedding. Then we went to another city outside of Houston, Kingswood, with our aunt and uncle. We went to the Battleship Texas. That was really neat. We saw the whole artillery and anti-aircraft. We got to go below deck. The only thing we didn’t get to see was the engine room. It was closed off because people were working on it.

Daniel M.: What did you see at the aquarium that shows God’s creation?

Danny: A weird neon green moray eel. Then there was one fish that had gills that were, like, inside out!

Daniel M.: How many languages do you know?

Danny: I can speak english and spanish. I am also studying ancient Greek.

Bekah: Where do you want to go to college?

Danny: I’m thinking about going to Oklahoma Christian, but I don’t know yet.

Thank you Daniel and Bekah for thinking me worthy of being interviewed.

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